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News 1

Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan since 1997, is a thriving and modern city developing at an amazing pace and a major political and cultural center which old buildings removed and replaced with totally new structures resulting in significant construction work and big-scaled new projects throughout the city. In this respect, as a nation-wide project, the construction of "The National History Museum of Kazakhstan" is ongoing by the participation of DEC regarding all mechanical works of the project.

News 2

Astana Media Center is momentual tower with 24 floors at the central axis of the city. The new contemporary media complex with huge multi-functions studios, TV&Radio premises, Film and Events production studios and big digital archive which will unite all leading mass media of the Kazakhstan in a central multi-purpose building. It is supposed to be one of the unique buildings of the Middle East and Europe, equipped with the highest technology. Outstanding feature of the facade is the giant screens broadcasting live from the TV channels and concert hall. For the moment as a stage, 80% of the project is realized and the works are ongoing to ahead fast. In this project, DEC is realizing both all electromechanical design projects and mechanical - contracting works of this high-rise building.

News 3

As an other big-scaled ongoing project, DEC is realizing all electrical works of an Airport Project for the construction of a new passenger terminal building and related facilities for the development of Boryspil State International Airport located in Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine. With the implementation of this Project, Boryspil State International Airport aims at providing high quality level for local and transfer passengers, pursuing the "Major International Hub Airport for Central and Eastern Europe."

News 4

DEC had introduced a new line of business as "Led Lighting" under the brand of "DEC Lighting". To cope with the needs of customer for arhitectural and industrial lighting in terms of led technology, DEC had started to give turn-key led solutions for big scaled lighting projects. Conventional lighting sources seems to be history soon since their electricity consumption is very high in addition to other problems. In a few years, all lighting luminaires will use LED as the light source, thus illumination will become very efficient, economical, environmental and healthy becuse of not contain mercury, lead and infrared-ultraviole emissions besides huge energy savings up to 90%.

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